X Stream Survival Pod

X Stream Survival Pod

When it comes the outdoors, you can never be over prepared.  Ensure you’re always ready for whatever nature throws at you with the X Stream Survival Pod ($29) – a lightweight key fob packing an impressive 16 survival tools.  Theres a carabiner, a 1″ sharp eye knife, a 1″ fire stick flint, a 6″ strip of duct tape, 12 ft’ of 550 parachute cord, a 1 1/4″ sewing needle, a spoon lure, #6 and #8 live bait hooks, two split shot fishing weights, 15′ of fishing line, 1 gram of reusable hot glue, a 12″ snare wire and a 1 1/2″ hacksaw blade.  In other words, the X Stream Survival Pod can help you catch food, start a fire and/or sew up that nasty gash from the bear attack, all in a convenient simple-to-carry package.

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Festool Carvex Jigsaw

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