TURNIKIT iPhone Lens Adapter

Turnikit iPhone Lens Adapter

If you’ve ever wished you could pair your existing DSLR and/or vintage film photo lens collection with your iPhone, now you can, thanks to the TURNIKIT lens adapter for the iPhone ($150).  Available in both Nikon and Canon mounts, TURNIKIT works with a wide variety of Canon EF and EFS lenses as well as Nikon Ai, Ai-s and AF-D lenses (the one caveat is that TURNIKIT doesn’t play well with lenses wider than 35mm).  Focusing is handled manually via your lens, and photos are taken using one of several inexpensive photo apps.  Once set up, you can take even greater iPhone photos thanks to the depth-of-field control you now have, with the added bonus you won’t have to buy any additional lenses to make the photo magic happen.

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