Yamaha SR400 by Gasoline right side

Yamaha SR400 by Gasoline

The Yamaha SR400 is one of Japan's best selling motorcycles, which explains why it's such a popular model among custom bike builders.  Adding to the ever expanding lineup of custom SR400s, one of the latest incarnations comes courtesy of Sydney, Australia based Gasoline, who transformed the Yamaha from mild to bad-ass with a series of well implemented upgrades.  The most notable addition:  matte black Yamaha XS650 wheels reminiscent of old-school BMX bikes paired with a set of knobby 18" and 19" Shinko Trials tires.  From there, Gasoline took a more rugged approach to the design, keeping the custom fabricated metalwork in a raw finish with a basic chrome headlight.  Other changes include hand-crafted exhaust and weight-reduction in the rear through the removal of most of the heavy steel, resulting in a lighter, faster bike that looks (and sounds) great.

Yamaha XS 400 by Kruz Company side view

Yamaha XS 400 by Kruz Company

Kruz Company is a new bike builder born from two guys with a love of working on bikes in the back of their garages joining forces and taking their work public.  And their first act as a bike builder is this tracker inspired Yamaha XS 400, a lovely urban cruiser that's been restored from the ground up after arriving in their studio in terrible condition.  Mods bestowed upon the Yamaha XS 400 included a new Honda CB 125 tank, a completely restored engine, Renthal handlebars, new mudguards, and a two-color leather saddle that was created in collaboration with leather goods maker Niyona.  Completing the package, a 320mm disc up front payed homage to the Yamaha's distant Supermoto cousins, as does a big pair of K & N dirt tracks and megaphones.  If you're interested, the Kruz Yamaha XS 400 is for sale, and you can see more of the Yamaha in the gallery below.

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