West Coast Defender

West Coast Defender

Vintage Land Rovers are a thing of beauty, with the Land Rover Defender in particular achieving legendary status in its segment.  And while it's been more than 10 years since Land Rover stopped selling the Defender in the U.S., West Coast Defender has stepped up to the plate, filling the void left by Land Rover and offering customers what can be described simply as masterpieces of Defender engineering.  They start by importing classic, all original Land Rover Defenders carefully selected for restoration, with 9 out of 10 vehicles being rejected.  From there, vehicles are shipped to the U.S., where they're subsequently tested, repaired, restored, and fitted with every modern amenity you can imagine: leather interior, premium sound system, nav, etc.  Once finished, West Coast's Land Rover Defenders not only maintain their legendary and classic styling in pristine condition, they perform as good (or better) than new.  Add in a price tag equatable to that of a new Range Rover, and you're looking at singular best way to feed your love of Land Rover while still standing out from the 10 other Range Rover owners on your block.

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