Popcord Keyring Charger

Popcord Keyring Charger

Put an end to the incredibly annoying act of trying to find your phone charger with the Popcord Keyring Charger ($30).  Weighing in at approximately 12 grams and measuring a mere 2.5 inches when closed, Popcord discreetly attaches to your keyring, backpack, or anything else you can dream of, staying out of the way when you're not using it and instantly transforming into a phone charger when you need it to.  It comes equipped with both Apple's Lightning connector and a mini USB, meaning it works with a huge variety of modern devices, and it comes in five color options to ensure a perfect match with your phone design.  Check out the Popcord Kicstarter page to see the Popcord colors or get in on an early production run.

Pacemaker App

Pacemaker App

Kick your parties up a notch with the new Pacemaker DJ app ($free) for the Apple iPad.  Pacemaker connects to both Spotify and your iTunes library, giving you access to millions of songs to choose from.  Once you've picked your favorite tracks, Pacemaker gives you access to numerous DJ controls, including reverb, looping, beat skip, echo, a hi-lo filter and a roll effect.  Another equally cool feature is automatic beat syncing, giving you the ability to instantly sync tempo and phase of two different tracks by tapping the SYNC button.  Some of the features are free, some you have to pay for, but if you're looking to switch up some of your favorite songs, Pacemaker's a super fun way to get started.  You can download it directly at the App Store.

Helly Hansen First Tracks App

Helly Hansen First Tracks App

Surfers live by waves; snowboarders and skiers live by snow.  Now you can let your smart phone wake you up based on whether or not fresh powder has dropped, thanks to the Helly Hansen First Tracks App ($free).  Available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play store, First Tracks allows you to set two alarms – one for if it does snow, and one for if it doesn't.  The weather is then automatically tracked through the night for you, and in the event you're blessed with fresh powder, the earlier of the two alarms gets you out the door at the crack of dawn.  No fresh powder?  Sleep in and hit the mountain a little later.  If you want it, head over to Helly Hansen to download First Tracks for free.

Gramophone for iPad and iPhone by Restoration Hardware

Gramophone for the iPhone + iPad

Seamlessly blending the old and the new, Restoration Hardware has introduced new versions of their Gramophone for both the Apple iPhone and iPad ($199-$299).  As with the traditional gramophone, Restoration Hardware's gramophones use purely physics to amplify sound. Simply set your iPhone/iPad in the solid wood dock, and the metal horn enhances its volume three to four times with no electricity needed.  For the iPad versions, you can opt for two different finishes – dried oak or walnut – while the iPhone Gramophone comes in either small or large size options with walnut or dried oak again your two wood options.  The horns on all the gramophones are made from iron and brass, and they work with all iPhone and iPad models except the iPad mini.

Apple Rose Gold EarPods

Apple Rose Gold EarPods

Forget the faux gold on the Apple iPhone 5s; solid rose gold is where it's at.  And for a mere $20,000 - $25,000 (est.), that's exactly what you'll get – not for the phone, but for the EarPods to go with it.  Created by Apple designer Jony Ive and Mark Newson as part of the (RED) Auction 2013, the solid 18K rose gold Apple EarPods are the only solid rose gold Earpods in existence (Edition 01/01) and come fitted in a custom display case (which may or may not help you warrant their five-figure price tag).  Bidding on the Apple Rose Gold EarPods takes place tomorrow, so if you want them, you're going to have to act quick.  As for whether or not you'll survive 5 seconds on a NYC subway wearing them?  That's a whole other ballgame.

Pencil iPad Stylus by FiftyThree

Pencil iPad Stylus

Following up the success of their Apple app of the year award-winning Paper, FiftyThree has introduced the Pencil, an iPad stylus that's the logical companion to Paper.  It's constructed from your choice of either walnut ($60) or graphite brushed aluminum ($50), and it features Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a built-in USB rechargeable battery and an eraser tip on the end.  In terms of functionality, Pencil utilizes a built-in palm detect feature, allowing you to rest your hand on the iPad while you draw without suffering from accidental marks, while the erase function and blend mode offer the ability to correct mistakes and enhance your artwork simply and quickly.

Hard Graft iPad Air Tilt Case & Stand Folded

Hard Graft iPad Air Tilt Case

If you're one of the many that's procured the new Apple iPad Air, Hard Graft has just introduced an updated version of the Hard Graft iPad Air Tilt Case & Stand (about $150).  It's a gorgeously styled case, hand made from premium vegetable tanned Italian leather, 3mm sturdy wool, black Nappa leather detailing and a metal snap enclosure.  Best of all, it's incredibly functional, as it serves as a traditional iPad case while offering the ability to be either folded or rolled, thus making it an ideal fit whether you're typing, browsing the web or watching Netflix.  Sizing of the Hard Graft iPad Air Tilt Case & Stand is limited specifically to the iPad Air, and fit is limited to the iPad Air alone.  Look for the Hard Graft iPad Air Tilt Case to begin shipping in the next week or two.

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