ER Motorcycles BMW R60/7 rear

ER Motorcycles BMW R60/7 Macchiato

Following up their impressive work on the BMW R80 Mobster, ER Motorcycles has unveiled their second bike:  the ER Motorcycles BMW R60/7 Macchiato.  Based on a '77 BMW R60/7, the Macchiato took a total of 2 months to build, with changes including a modified rear loop, a custom exhaust, R100RT forks, Continental TKC80 rubber tires (100/90x19 up front and 4.50x18” in the back), R100 dual front discs and controls, an R50/5 tank, and a Renthal bar with Ariete grips.  The seat and seat pan are both handmade by ER Motorcycles, while the Bing carb and air filter are both stock.  Toss in a Motogadget Tiny dial and custom paint and graphics, and the BMW R60/7 Macchiato is yet another impressive piece of custom bike work from the guys at ER.  Check out the gallery to see more of the ER Motorcycles BMW R60/7 Macchiato.

BMW R80 Mobster side view

ER Motorcycles BMW R80 Mobster

How you do bring a touch of gangster to the relatively unassuming 1983 BMW R80?  Give it to Blaz Sustarsic, owner of ER Motorcycles, and let him work his magic.  The end result is this – the BMW R80 Mobster – a bike that's been stripped down and reassembled in a design that is ridiculously awesome.  The front forks and numerous other parts are from a BMW R50/5 and an R69S, the tires are Coker Diamonds at 4.50-18", the clip-ons are Tarozzis, and the exhaust and leather seat are both made in-house. Add to that a svelte bronze paint scheme, a Motogadget Classic speedo, custom front and rear fenders and a rare sport "Schorsch Meier" fuel tank, and the BMW R80's transformation to a fully-fledged gangster is complete.

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