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Five Pieces of Camping Gear You Cannot Do Without This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is generally considered the unofficial end to sumer vacation, and in case you haven't checked the calendar, that's this weekend. So while you may have already wasted the majority of your summer weekends indoors, this is the weekend to get out and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. So whether you prefer comfortable ruggedness or really like to rough it when you camp, these are five products you must have.

MSR Backcountry Barn Tent

MSR Backcountry Barn

If you're looking to do more in your tent than just sleep, the spacious Backcountry Barn from MSR is the way to go.  The high-hoop design offers plenty of room to stand and there is a removable floor - so when the rain starts coming down and you need to move the party inside, you'll drink regret free knowing you'll still have a clean tent to sleep in later that night.  In addition to being designed by MSR, which ensures a quality, well-built product, the Backcountry Barn comfortably sleeps four but packs down to the size of a three person tent and weighs a mere 15 lbs packed.

Nikolai Sorensen Under Cover Camper Tent

5 Summer Camping Essentials

Summer is now a few short months away, and if you're of an outdoorsy persuasion, chances are you're going to be wanting to head into the wild and enjoy a bit of camping in the very near future.  Before you go, it's imperative you have the right equipment, so be sure you have these 5 essentials packed away when you head outdoors.

Firestar II Fire Piston

Firestar II Fire Piston

Chances are, if you're out camping and the weather is perfect, you won't have any trouble using a match to light a fire.  But when weather conditions start getting worse and you're in dire need of starting a fire to dry off or stay warm, chances are a match isn't going to get it done.  Enter the Firestar II Fire Piston ($53).  It eliminates the need to carry matches and ensures you'll always have a reliable way to get a fire blazing.  The Firestar Fire II Piston works by utilizing compression fire starting technology, ensuring lit tinder every time.  It's constructed from machined aluminum and is small enough to fit on your belt or in any backpack pocket for easy carrying, and for added fire starting security, it features a backup ferrocium rod hidden inside.

Flapot foldable pot folded and flat

Flapot Foldable Pot

If you've been searching for a better way to prepare meals during your camping and hiking treks, check out the ingenious Flapot.  The winner of the iF Product and Red Dot Design Awards, Flapot is a foldable pot that stores completely flat, and transforms into a fully-fledged cooking pot when you need it to.  It's constructed from 100% stainless steel, is lightweight and measures only 3mm thick, and it's cool to the touch within 10 seconds of being removed from the heat source.  Thanks to it's unique shape, the Flapot is well suited to both cooking and heating liquids, and it notes an average life expectancy of about 20 fold cycles.

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