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Best Made Company Axe

What was once viewed as merely a woodman's tool used for felling trees and splitting wood, Best Made Company takes a different approach in crafting axes, creating tools that are equal parts art form and equal parts log destroyer.  Whether you're using it to chop down a fresh Christmas tree or splitting logs outside your mountain cabin retreat, you won't find a better looking axe than the Best Made Co. American Felling Axe ($162 - $350), and thanks to its four pound U.S. steel head, you're assured ample wood chopping power.  If the high carbon American steel that's been forged in North Carolina by fourth generation axe makers doesn't impress you, the style of the axe should.  Designed in New York, the Best Made Co.'s Axe handle has been lathed from Appalachian hickory, and it comes in a multitude of gorgeous paint options, making it just as much at home on your wall as it is in the woods.

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