Designed in collaboration with Casely-Hayford—a world-renowned menswear fashion house hailing from London, UK—the XOO belt is our take on a wearable worth wearing. Combine that with a cutting-edge, ultra safe flexible battery stitched into the leather and you’ve an everyday, always-with-you accessory that ensures you’ll never, ever have to worry about... Read the story »

Leatherman Tread QM1 Silver

Leatherman Tread QM1 Watch

Leatherman-designed, Swiss-made. The Tread QM1 features a unique Leatherman-designed and Swiss-made timepiece with precision quartz movement housed within our functional Tread bracelet. A shock resistant sapphire crystal ensures scratch resistance for heavy duty wear, and the curved watch limits reflection and increases outdoor visibility. The Tread QM1 is TSA compliant... Read the story »

Hentsch Man Apparel

Hentsch Man Apparel

Fashion is, in essence, a simple endeavour concerned with nothing more than making us look good and it was through this objective that London based brand, Hentsch Man, was formed. The original premise of this highly regarded purveyor of menswear was to create the perfect white shirt and take things... Read the story »

Lemon & Line Turks Head Bracelet

Lemon & Line Turks Head Bracelet

The Turks Head bracelet is a summer staple for those that grew up on New England waters, lasting all season until it would eventually have to be cut off.  But you don't have to have grown up on the water or even be an East Coaster to rock the Turks... Read the story »

Mafia Bags


An eco-friendly design and manufacturing company specializing in handmade backpacks, totes, bags and accessories made from recycled sails will be opening a flagship facility in the good ole' USA. Founded in 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, MAFIA Bags has become so popular that they've decided to expand into the United... Read the story »



There is no question that leather products aren't what they used to be, most products are crafted by machines in China from low-quality leather, never touching the hands of a human until you buy it. Even when it's branded with a designer logo, you're likely not getting heirloom quality.  PACT... Read the story »

Cole Haan ZeroGrand

Cole Haan ZeroGrand

Combining centuries-old brogue style with modern materials and construction, Cole Haan has created their lightest shoe ever at a mere 290 grams each. By integrating fewer seams and a ripstop nylon upper, the ZeroGrand shoes are far more comfortable than the brogues of... Read the story »

Bay Rum is a classic of Men´s Grooming

Bay Rum Aftershave

Men's grooming products may be a dime a dozen these days, but the Men's Soap Shop stands apart with their all-natural products.  It doesn't hurt that it is bottled in a flask and is made in the U.S. either.  Our favorite from The Men's Shop, the Splash Bay Rum Aftershave Bay... Read the story »


Teva Original Universal Sandals

Nearly 30 years ago, a Grand Canyon river guide forever changed the way people experienced the outdoors. By blending the best parts of shoes and sandals, he created the world’s first Sport Sandal. And now, in honor that heritage, Teva is reintroducing one of their very first products – the... Read the story »

Chubbies Shorts


Real men wear shorts - short shorts.  I could go on to describe to you Chubbies, but the brand itself describes their product best as "the most radical shorts known to mankind". They created products to take men out of the "Capri" ages of shortswear and back to the pure... Read the story »

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