SPiN Standard Ping Pong Table

SPiN Standard Ping Pong Table

The Standard hotels in Cali have ushered in a new era of ping pong coolness – first launching in Hollywood back in 1999 with a lone ping pong table on its pool deck, and eventually expanding to include the SPiN Stadard ping pong club at The Standard Donwtown LA.  Now, you can bring a piece of The Standard’s ping pong coolness home, as the company has launched the SPiN Standard Ping Pong Table ($5,995).  Built by famed ping pong table maker STIGA, the SPiN Standard Table is a regulation size (60”x108”x30”) contemporary table boasting a solid wood 4 leg base in matte black finish, a custom Standard Red play surface with no sidelines and a white center line, and solid steel hardware.  Lead time to build one is 6 weeks, so make sure you plan your first ever ping pong beer bash accordingly.

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