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Rhinegeist is a brewery built within the skeleton of the old Moerlein bottling plant (built in 1895). Within these unique and historic walls, Rhinegeist brews 20bbl batches of beer that are loaded with flavor that they self distribute to bars and restaurants. The yin/yang of their brewing philosophy is hoppy/sessionable, with the aim to brew beers where “the first sip calls for the third”.  Rhinegeist is a small team with big dreams who tend to smile while they sweat. Rhinegeist brews those styles which are most compelling to their thirst and they do so with the hope that you enjoy their brews as much as they do.

A little about Rhinegeist, Rhinegeist means “ghost of the Rhine”, and refers to their place here in the historic Brewery District in the Over the Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. At the turn of the century, this neighborhood was home to nearly 45,o00 inhabitants, most of them of German descent and 38 breweries. Rhinegeist hopes to engender the spirit of camaraderie and hard work that they imagine those living and brewing in their neighborhood at that time embodied.

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