Recon Snow2 HUD

Recon Snow2 HUD Smith Optics

Adding a level of Ironman’s superhero abilities to your skiing + snowboarding run, Recon has introduced the new Recon Snow2 HUD system ($400) for alpine sports.  Designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide variety of leading goggle brands (Oakley, Smith Optics, Zeal, Scott, etc.), Recon Snow2 HUD is powered by a dual-core processor and built-in GPS that transmits a huge amount of data during your run, including speed, jump analytics, vertical feet, altimeter, navigation, buddy tracking and more, all displayed via a virtual 14-inch image (at 5 ft. distance).  Keeping you connected, you can also sync the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled Recon Snow2 HUD to your smartphone and/or fitness monitors, adding in the ability to receive texts, view a call display, access your music, monitor your heart rate and more, while control of the Snow2 system is handled via a wireless Bluetooth remote.

Recon Snow2 HUD Bluetooth Controller

Recon Snow2 HUD in snowboard goggles

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