Ratio Eight Coffee Machine

Ratio Coffee Machine Left Side

For coffee purists, Chemex and the pour over method are a beautifully simplistic way to bring out the complexity of your chosen beans.  The problem with the pour over method is that it’s somewhat labor intensive compared to traditional automatic coffee machines.  Enter the Ratio Eight Coffee Machine ($395).  It’s a beautifully designed walnut and die cast aluminum coffee maker that combines the convenience of an automatic machine with the brew quality of the pour over method.  It’s calibrated to brew at precisely 200°, it uses a unique showerhead inspired by pour over kettles to uniformly saturate the coffee grounds, and it automatically brews the perfect amount of coffee based on the amount of water added.  Best of all, operation of the Ratio Eight is handled by a a single button, while cleaning is done with a simple rinse of the glass carafe and disposal of the paper filter and grounds.

Ratio Coffee Machine Right Side

Ratio Coffee Machine Left Side

Ratio Coffee Machine Front

Ratio Coffee Machine Side

Ratio Coffee Machine Top

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