Rail Yard Studios Timbertop Desk

Rail Yard Studios Timbertop Desk

If you’re looking for a manlier desk to spruce up your office, you’ll be hard pressed to find one more ruggedly cool than the Rail Yard Studios Timbertop Desk ($8,950).  This thing is an engineering feat, crafted from huge distressed timbers and bookended by two sections of thick metal rail.  A pair of gauge rods holds the rails in place while providing the underlying structure, and a pair of fist-sized hex nuts make the Timbertop Desk even more industrially good looking.  Measuring 30″ x 72″ x  30″, it’s the ultimate power desk – men will fear you, women will ravage you, and you’ll accomplish work faster than you ever thought possible thanks to the testosterone-inducing aura this massive wooden beast is giving off.

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iSkelter Classic Station front

iSkelter Classic Station

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The Simpsons Limited Edition Moleskine Notebook

The Simpsons Limited Edition Moleskine Notebook

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