Pencil iPad Stylus

Pencil iPad Stylus by FiftyThree

Following up the success of their Apple app of the year award-winning Paper, FiftyThree has introduced the Pencil, an iPad stylus that’s the logical companion to Paper.  It’s constructed from your choice of either walnut ($60) or graphite brushed aluminum ($50), and it features Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a built-in USB rechargeable battery and an eraser tip on the end.  In terms of functionality, Pencil utilizes a built-in palm detect feature, allowing you to rest your hand on the iPad while you draw without suffering from accidental marks, while the erase function and blend mode offer the ability to correct mistakes and enhance your artwork simply and quickly.

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Popcord Keyring Charger

Popcord Keyring Charger

Put an end to the incredibly annoying act of trying to find your phone charger with the Popcord Keyring Charger ($30).  Weighing in at approximately 12 grams and measuring a mere 2.5 inches when closed, Popcord discreetly... Read the story »

Pacemaker App

Pacemaker App

Kick your parties up a notch with the new Pacemaker DJ app ($free) for the Apple iPad.  Pacemaker connects to both Spotify and your iTunes library, giving you access to millions of songs to choose from.  Once you've... Read the story »



In what's easily one of the most unique iPhone 5/5s additions I've seen, POSH PROJECTS is offering a unique LUNA SKIN iPhone Case ($25), although it's less for protection and more of an aesthetic addition.  Hand made... Read the story »

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