Get Ready for Summer with Five Cool Camping Essentials

Summer is now a few short months away, and if you're of an outdoorsy persuasion, chances are you're going to be wanting to head into the wild and enjoy a bit of camping in the very near future.  Before you go, it's imperative you have the right equipment, so be... Read the story »

ManBQue Cookbook

Master Grilling and Beer Pairings with the ManBQue Cookbook

If you've never heard of ManBQue, they're a community that's gets together once a month to focus on three of the greatest things in life:  cooking meat, drinking beer and listening to rock & roll.  Now they're expanding sharing their love of all three with the world in the form... Read the story »

Kiehls Musk Oil

Smell Better with Kiehl's Original Musk Oil

If you often find yourself in situations where you're in close proximity to women, you'll want to make sure you don't smell like last night's bar order.  And for some of you, that's not an easy task.  Instead of dousing yourself in overpowering cologne, I recommend trying Kiehl's Original Musk... Read the story »

Francis Francis X7.1 Espresso Maker

You can finally get good coffee from a pod

The Francis Francis X7.1 may look retro, but the espresso it produces is anything but your grandparent's brew.  The X7.1 uses illy's iperespresso capsule technology, which utilizes a two stage-process instead of the conventional one-stage, in order to extract the very best flavor possible from illy espresso beans for a full... Read the story »

Cobra iRad 230

Avoid Speed Traps and Red Light Cameras with the iRad 230

There are few things that can happen to you on your commute to work that will start your day off worse than a speeding ticket.  Working in combination with the iRadar community, Cobra’s iRad 230 high-performance radar detector detects all radar and laser guns currently in use. The iRad 230... Read the story »

GoPro Blackout Housing

Shoot video in stealth mode with the GoPro Blackout Housing

When you're attempting to be discreet in your video recording endeavors, it helps to have a camera that can go unnoticed.  Enter the GoPro Blackout Housing – your best chance of capturing your shot without drawing attention.  Finished in an all-matte-black non-reflecive finish with stickers to cover your LCD screen,... Read the story »

House of Jerky Exotic Pack

House of Jerky Makes World's Most Exotic Jerky

There are a lot of subjects people strive to become experts in – wine, art, cars, etc. – but what if all you long to be is an expert in the fine art of jerky?  Helping you achieve a mastery of all things jerky, the jerky connoisseurs at House of... Read the story »

Jack Spade Sunglass Collection 2014

Jack Spade's Spring 2014 Sunglass Collection

Finding the right pair of sunglasses is no easy task, and now Jack Spade is entering the stylish segment with his own collection of sunglasses. There's a grand total of nine different base models, and once you add in different trims, there's 19 customized options. As you'd expect, Jack Spade... Read the story »

Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila

Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila Is Like Tequila and Whiskey in One

Ever wish you could be drinking tequila and whiskey at the same time?  With Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila ($29), you can.  It's a premium 12 month aged Añejo tequila that's then aged two more times – first for 4 months in deep charred barrels, then an additional 2 months in... Read the story »

WP Lavori Store Brooklyn NY

WP Lavori Brooklyn Store Opening

WP Lavori in Corso, international fashion company, announced the opening of its first WP Store in North America today. Located in historic South Brooklyn in the Cobble Hill neighborhood, the 1700-foot flagship features an assortment of fashion and lifestyle products from around the globe and marks a significant step for... Read the story »

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Keyboard

Only the Best Need Apply: the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate

Show your co-workers how bad-ass your tech skills are with the new Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate ($169).  It's a minimalistic, completely blank keyboard made with high-performance, gold-plated mechanical key switches lasting up to 50 million keystrokes.  Highlights include a dedicated media control with oversized volume knob, 2-Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub,... Read the story »

Peugeot Onyx Sofa

Caveman Meets Luxury with the Peugot Onyx Sofa

Luxury meets pre-historic caveman design in Peugeot Design Lab's Onyx Sofa ($186,000).  Crafted from 3 meters of lacquered black carbon fiber that's been fused to a hand-cut portion of Volvic volcanic lava stone from France's Auvergne region, the Peugeot Onyx Sofa epitomizes sleekness and masculinity, blending the two perfectly.  As for... Read the story »

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV to Rival Apple TV

Word on the street is that Apple's about to launch a revamped Apple TV, but as it stands today, Amazon may have just captured the TV media center crown.  The new Amazon Fire TV ($99) mixes Apple TV functionality and a gaming machine in one device, powered by a quad-core... Read the story »

Ficks Cocktail Fortifier

Rid yourself of the dreaded hangover with Ficks Cocktail Fortifier

Most of the men I know, not including myself, have used up the majority of their sick days thanks to drink filled nights that have left them with textbook hangovers.  Thankfully, a company has finally come out with a product that helps to eliminate the side effects of your overindulgence... Read the story »

Patagonia Simple Fly Fishing Kit

Fish like a man with the Patagonia Simple Fly Fishing Kit

If all you can remember from your father and son fly fishing trip is the 10 o'clock 2 o'clock cast, the Simple Fly Fishing Kit from Patagonia may be your best option to get back on the river.  The kit comes complete with a 10’ 6” tenkara rod; the book Simple... Read the story »

Wineist Monthly Wine Subscription

Wineist lets you experience a variety of wines from around the world

Cancel your Wine Spectator magazine subscription, the experts at Wineist have designed a monthly flight of wines that range in price, style and region that will guarantee an interesting if not perfectly enjoyable wine experience.  You can choose from either a group tasting option which includes five 187ml bottles or... Read the story »

The Aston Martin Book

Relive a Century of Aston Martin in The Aston Martin Book

Aston Martin's are among the sexiest British cars ever built, made even more famous by their role in the Bond films, so it's only fitting to pay tribute to them in the form of a monstrous 300+ page coffee table book.  The Aston Martin Book ($150) was created to celebrate... Read the story »

BeoPlay A9

Music Meets Art: the BeoPlay A9

Music is an art form, so it's only fitting that your speaker's design is a work of art as well.  Enter the BeoPlay A9 from Bang & Olufsen ($2,699).  It notes a stunning circular design that can be either free-standing or mounted on a wall; it notes superb audio quality... Read the story »

Seafolly 2014 Swimwear Collection Camille Rowe

Summer Sexy: Seafolly 2014 Summer Collection

Australian swimwear brand Seafolly sent Parisian model and currently the 30th sexiest model in the world Camille Rowe to Waikiki, Hawaii to photograph their 2014 summer swimwear collection.  The collection, titled the "Island State of Mind", includes sexy Geisha styles and Asian inspired prints with lots of floral and plenty... Read the story »

Best Handsome Men's Watches

Men's Style Picks: Five Handsome Dress Watches

As a man, it's imperative to own at least one classic dress watch, whether for work or the occasional formal evening.  Our advice:  when shopping for a dress watch, keep it simple.  Skip the numerals, opt for a leather strap, and avoid any bright colors.  Here are five of our... Read the story »

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