North American Handmade Bicycle Show


The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) is the premier venue and showcase for the craft-built bicycle market and the upcoming show has been announced for 2015.  Show dates of March 6th- 8th at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, KY.

Nomadic by nature, NAHBS selects a new city every year to reach a new and diverse cycling population interested in learning more about these very special bikes, builders, and made-in-the-USA industry. Moving the show annually also simplifies travel and attendance for the smaller framebuilders who make up the foundation of the handbuilt bicycle community.

“We are very excited for this year’s show and we’re expecting it to be as vibrant and well attended as ever,” said Don Walker, Founder and President of NAHBS. “Louisville is a first-rate cycling city with a ton of bike shops, bike clubs, and an active cycling community. We’re sure the show will be a hit with the locals. And with great restaurants, night life, and riding, our out-of-town attendees will love it too.”

Heading into its eleventh year, NAHBS is dedicated to showcasing the talents of bike builders from around the world, providing an interactive forum for all attendees to share their ideas, expertise, and support for an incredibly special industry with a long and rich history. Exhibitors, attendees, and media can register to attend the 2015 show at the NAHBS website.

Louisville, KY was selected for several reasons. The cycling infrastructure has been advancing at a record pace with new trails, bike lanes, and amenities being added all the time. Louisville also hosted the UCI Cyclocross World Championships in 2013, the first time this race has ever been held outside of Europe. Louisville is also home to the Mega Cavern, an underground recreation area where the world’s first subterranean bike park is set to open in late January.

“Some people have the misconception that Louisville is a hard-to-reach city in the South, but it is actually a very accessible Midwestern city, “ said Walker. “I’m confident that show attendees will appreciate the convenience and affordability Louisville offers.”

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