MYKITA + Damir Doma Sunglasses

MYKITA Damir Doma Sunglasses

Start prepping your updated spring wardrobe with the DD1.2 and DD1.3 sunglasses from MYKITA and Damir Doma ($510).  A modern interpretation of the traditional pilot frame from the forties and fifties, the MYKITA + Damir Doma sunglasses are constructed from light stainless steel and cellulose acetate, they’re sporting certified Zeiss precision lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection, and they’re individually adjustable with a patented snap hinge, ensuring a proper fit.  Best of all, they come in six distinct frame and lens color combos, ranging from the classic black on black design to the perfect-for-spring Limpid, Misty Green and Chocolate Chip frame options.

MYKITA Damir Doma Sunglasses DD.1 and DD.2, green and black

MYKITA Damir Doma Sunglasses DD.1 and DD.2, misty green and black peridot

MYKITA Damir Doma Sunglasses DD.1 and DD.2, misty green and black peridot

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