Mountain Horse Snow Bike Conversion Kit

Mountain Horse Dirt Bike Snow Conversion Kit

Kick snow’s ass with the Mountain Horse Snow Bike Conversion Kit ($5,500 – $6,500) from Timbersled.  Available in three models – short track, long track and snow cross  – the Mountain Horse Snow Bike Conversion Kit bolts to your bike with no modifications, and it comes completely assembled and ready to install.  Which kit you pick varies based on your riding conditions, but in general, the short track is the best all-around option, offering superb maneuverability and control for mountain riding.  The long track is the same as the short track, with a longer track to provide added traction in the deep stuff.  And the snow cross kit is designed specifically for snow cross racing, hard pack snow and rough terrain riding.  Whichever option you pick, you now have a kick-ass reason to ride your bike all year long.

Mountain Horse Dirt Bike Snow Conversion Kit

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