iSkelter Classic Station

iSkelter Classic Station front

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get more organized, you already know that two of the places to accumulate the most clutter are 1) your bedroom nightstand and 2) your desk.  To tidy up both, we recommend that you put an end to the disorganization with the iSkelter Classic Station ($40) – a handsome, functional organizer designed to keep all your random stuff neatly stowed and contained.  It has a dedicated space for your phone, whether it’s an iPhone, Windows or Android model; it has a pen holder; and it has a large space for random stuff, which includes your wallet, keys, loose change, sunglasses, etc.  Best of all, it’s crafted from 100% eco-friendly bamboo – a material that’s both great looking and easily renewable.

iSkelter Classic Station top empty

iSkelter Classic Station top

iSkelter Classic Station side

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