Icon Electric Flyer

Icon Electric Flyer Bike Side View

Better known for his work on vintage autos, the visionary Johathan Ward and his company Icon recently turned their attention to bikes, beautifully blending classic styling and modern technology into a single electric bicycle.  Dubbed the Icon Electric Flyer, the bike is a throwback to the dawn of the motorcycle, and features an EV system capable of traveling up to 35 miles on a single charge as well as a regenerative braking system.  Other notables include a hydroformed aluminum frame, a billet aluminum and steel fork, Avid BB7R brakes and leatherwork hand crafted by Brooks England LTD.  Performance wise, the top speed of  the Electric Flyers comes in at 20 mph (36mph in race mode), whereas charging time weighs in at 2 hours.  If you’re interested, production is limited to a mere 50 units, with each being hand-built right here in the U.S.

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