House of Jerky Exotic Pack

House of Jerky Exotic Pack

There are a lot of subjects people strive to become experts in – wine, art, cars, etc. – but what if all you long to be is an expert in the fine art of jerky?  Helping you achieve a mastery of all things jerky, the jerky connoisseurs at House of Jerky have created an exotic jerky pack with five of the best dried meats you can find: Teriyaki buffalo, Hot buffalo, Black pepper buffalo, Venison, and Wild boar.  Made from all-natural thin slices of top round steaks, House of Jerky never uses ground or processed meats.  And, if the exotics aren’t for you or if all you really want is a giant bag of kangaroo jerky, all of House of Jerky’s flavors can be purchased separately as well.

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