Grenade Candle

Forget candles with exotically girly scents that make your house smell like a flower garden and/or a cookie shop.  If you want the ultimate man candle, look no further than this:  the Grenade Candle ($45).  Made by Stampd Los Angeles, purveyors of luxury streetwear and lifestyle gear, the man candle... Read the story »

Minimal Nativity Set in box by Emilie Voirin

Minimal Nativity Set

If you're looking for a way to add a dash of Christmas spirit to your starkly minimalistic home but are worried a conventional nativity scene may ruin the feng shui of your dwelling, you're in luck.  Designer Émilie Voirin has created a minimal nativity set that foregoes the traditional baby Jesus,... Read the story »

Tactical Christmas Stocking

Tactical Christmas Stocking

As you're likely knee-deep in decorating your den to add in a dash of Christmas cheer, there's one piece of holiday décor that absolutely shouts "Merry Christmas" to everyone that casts their gaze upon it:  the Tactical Christmas Stocking ($15) from LA Police Gear.  These super deluxe stockings have all... Read the story »


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