GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition/Music

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition/Music

Adding to their already awesome GoPro range, the worlds’ preeminent action camera maker has unveiled a new kit geared directly at musicians:  the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition/Music ($399).   Like the standard HERO3+ Black Edition, the GoPro is rocking video resolutions up to 4K, 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi, SuperView and Auto Low Light modes. Where it differs is in the mounts and frame.  Keeping the simple, the HERO3+ Black Edition/Music includes “The Frame” (GoPro’s lightest case) along with three ways to mount the camera.  There’s a removable instrument mount for guitars, drums, keyboards, etc.  There’s a mic stand mount compatible with standard U.S. 5/8”-27 mic stands (a 3/8”-16 adapter is also included).  And there’s the Jaws Flex Clamp, perfect for mounting anywhere you want it, include cymbal stands, drum hardware, turntables, and anywhere else you can dream of.  Look for the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition/Music to hit shelves this spring.

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