Gentleman’s Bogotas Lock Picks

Gentleman's Bogotas Lockpicks

We’ve all been there:  you’re at a party and you’re dancing with a girl, only to have her discover the set of lock picks you have with you to aid in your heist of the homeowner’s ultra-rare 3 carat canary yellow diamond he has locked and hidden upstairs.  For such occasions, there’s the Gentleman’s Bogotas Lock Pick Set ($35).  It includes two superior quality stainless steel Bogota picks as well as a spring and pin, allowing you to store the pair of Bogotas anywhere you can dream of:  under your collar or hat, up your sleeve, under your vest… the list is really endless.  And because the matched pair doubles as tension wrenches, there’s no need to carry an additional (and superfluous) tension wrench.  Don’t know how to pick locks?  No worries.  Head over to YouTube for a video tutorial and you’ll be a world-class master thief in no time.

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