CiFer Multi-Tool

The CiFer Multi-Tool ($31) is like a Swiss Army knife for the digital age.  While it doesn't actually have a knife, it does have an assortment of other handy utility features all in a slick single carbon fiber tool.  On its side, CiFer is an iPhone stand, holding your phone... Read the story »

X Stream Survival Pod

X Stream Survival Pod

When it comes the outdoors, you can never be over prepared.  Ensure you're always ready for whatever nature throws at you with the X Stream Survival Pod ($29) – a lightweight key fob packing an impressive 16 survival tools.  Theres a carabiner, a 1" sharp eye knife, a 1" fire... Read the story »

Festool Carvex Jigsaw

Festool Carvex 420 Jigsaw

Make quick work of complicated wood cutting tasks with the Festool Carvex 420 Jigsaw ($350).  Available in either corded or Lithium Ion powered options, the Festool Carvex 420's 720 watt motor delivers up to 3,800 strokes per minute, resulting in incredibly clean, accurate cuts.  To ensure comfort during cutting tasks... Read the story »

Mansteel Mancard

The Mancard

As cool as it is ripping off a bottle cap with your bare teeth like a rabid animal, save your molars (and a trip to the dentist) and use the Mancard ($10) by Mansteel instead.  Crafted from tough 16 gauge stainless steel, the Mancard is is a credit card sized... Read the story »

Best Made Company Axe Collection 5

Best Made Company Axe

What was once viewed as merely a woodman's tool used for felling trees and splitting wood, Best Made Company takes a different approach in crafting axes, creating tools that are equal parts art form and equal parts log destroyer.  Whether you're using it to chop down a fresh Christmas tree... Read the story »

Gentleman's Bogotas Lockpicks

Gentleman’s Bogotas Lock Picks

We've all been there:  you're at a party and you're dancing with a girl, only to have her discover the set of lock picks you have with you to aid in your heist of the homeowner's ultra-rare 3 carat canary yellow diamond he has locked and hidden upstairs.  For such... Read the story »

Leatherman Hail + Style PS

Leatherman Hail + Style PS Multi-Tool

Leatherman and Signal Snowboards have teamed up to create the perfect tool for when you're killing it on the mountain.  Whether you need to crank your binding, tune your boards, stow your earbuds or just open a beer, the Leatherman Hail + Style PS ($47) has got you covered.  If... Read the story »

The Cabinet Maker's Toolbox

The Cabinet Maker’s Toolbox

There are tool sets, and then there are tool sets so lust-inducing they can bring a grown man to his knees due to the sheer awe they inspire.  The Cabinet Maker's Toolbox ($19,500) is on of those tool sets.  Built to celebrate English designer Terence Conran's 80th birthday, The Cabinet Maker's... Read the story »

Festool CXS Compact Drill and Driver

Festool CXS Compact Drill

When it comes to tools, Festool is a company that takes tool innovation to another level.  Case-in-point:  the Festool CXS Compact Drill.  It's a compact drill that weighs less than 2 pounds, but it packs enough power for a huge range of DIY projects.  But what makes the CXS Compact... Read the story »

Gerber Downrange Tomahawk in-hand military

Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

If there ever comes a day when The Walking Dead turns into realilty and legions of zombie hoards come knocking at your door, you won't find a better killing tool than the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk.  It's an apocalypse multi-tool of sorts, boasting a beveled-edged ax head and hammer on one end –... Read the story »

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