North American Handmade Bicycle Show

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) is the premier venue and showcase for the craft-built bicycle market and the upcoming show has been announced for 2015.  Show dates of March 6th- 8th at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, KY. Nomadic by nature, NAHBS selects a new city every... Read the story »

Lewd and Obscene

Lewd and Obscene

Imagine if Urbandictionary and Balderdash had a one night stand and the condom broke, Lewd and Obscene is what would be conceived. Lewd and Obscene is the most out of control party game for adults. You will have hours of fun and find out a lot about your friends by... Read the story »

Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade

Five Pieces of Camping Gear You Cannot Do Without This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is generally considered the unofficial end to sumer vacation, and in case you haven't checked the calendar, that's this weekend. So while you may have already wasted the majority of your summer weekends indoors, this is the weekend to get out and enjoy what mother nature has to... Read the story »

Dirty 40 Race

Dirty 40 Race

If you love cycling, the Dirty 40 is one of the can't miss races of the year. The Dirty 40 Race takes place on August 30th in Derby, Vermont and is made up of a field of only 500 riders. The 60 mile race covers 40 miles of the most... Read the story »

Specialized Tarmac SL4 Pro-Race

Specialized Tarmac SL4 Pro-Race

If there’s a weak spot to the SL4, I honestly can’t find it. It just does everything so well that it’s only limit is you. No matter how hard you push it, the Tarmac SL4 is ready and capable of handling anything you can dish out. For those of you... Read the story »


PackTowl Original

It doesn't matter whether you're packing your bag for the gym, the trail or the beach, one of the most space sucking pieces of gear you'll pack is a towel.  PackTowl has solved this problem with their PackTowl Original, a super absorbent towel that is capable of soaking up 10x... Read the story »

adidas micoach

Adidas MiCoach Smart Soccer Ball

In honor of the 2014 World Cup, kicking off June 12th who don't know (shame on you), we could think of no better product to talk about then one that will make you a better soccer player.  Chances are it won't improve your skills to World Cup level but you... Read the story »

Manley MORV Explore

Manley Morv Explore Trailer

Made in America to take you anywhere in America.  Whether you need a simple trailer to haul gear around, or a true adventurers trailer for a weekend in the backcountry, the Morv Explore Trailer can do it all. With its collapsible roof-top tent and hard cover aluminum trailer cover, you... Read the story »

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

Gone are the days when going on a hike meant packing a map, some water and a snack. Most of us that plan a day in the woods find ourself packing one if not several types rechargeable tech gear.  Think about it, you've got your smartphone, portable game consoles, gps... Read the story »

MSR Backcountry Barn Tent

MSR Backcountry Barn

If you're looking to do more in your tent than just sleep, the spacious Backcountry Barn from MSR is the way to go.  The high-hoop design offers plenty of room to stand and there is a removable floor - so when the rain starts coming down and you need to... Read the story »

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