Sexual Fitness

Women are always looking for the next diet and exercise fad, this generally means us men end up eating salad for weeks on end or bland cabbage soup.  So do what Dr. Atkins did with Atkins, convincing women to eat nothing but steak and bacon and give them a new... Read the story »

Pitt Cue Co

Pitt Cue Co. the Cookbook

While you may think buying a cookbook written by chefs from London might only be filled with fish and chip recipes, you would be complete wrong and miss out on one of the best barbecue books we've seen in a while. The Pitt Cue Co. restaurant has been serving up... Read the story »

ManBQue Cookbook

ManBQue Cookbook

If you've never heard of ManBQue, they're a community that's gets together once a month to focus on three of the greatest things in life:  cooking meat, drinking beer and listening to rock & roll.  Now they're expanding sharing their love of all three with the world in the form... Read the story »

The Aston Martin Book

The Aston Martin Book

Aston Martin's are among the sexiest British cars ever built, made even more famous by their role in the Bond films, so it's only fitting to pay tribute to them in the form of a monstrous 300+ page coffee table book.  The Aston Martin Book ($150) was created to celebrate... Read the story »

Johnny Cash Out Among the Stars

Johnny Cash Out Among the Stars

Fans of Johnny Cash will be ecstatic to hear that the Man in Black has a new album coming out March 25th entitled Out Among the Stars.  Discovered in 2012 after being locked in a vault for the past few decades, Out Among the Stars was recorded with producer Billy Sherrill... Read the story »

Porsche 911 Book

The Porsche 911 Book

Paying homage to one of the most iconic cars ever created, The Porsche 911 Book ($125) is 320-pages of sheer automotive perfection.  From the Porsche 901's inception in 1963 (a name that was later changed to the 911, as Peugeot had patented having zeroes in the middle of model numbers) up... Read the story »

The Curious Bartender Book

The Curious Bartender

When you need to step your drink making game up to a PhD level of alcohol wizardry, The Curious Bartender: The Artistry and Alchemy of Creating the Perfect Cocktail ($18) by Tristan Stephenson is here to help.  In the book, you'll explore the ingredients necessary to prepare the perfect cocktail and... Read the story »

The Bike Book

The Bike Book

Whether you're a bike lover yourself or just shopping for one, The Bike Book ($40) offers an incredibly interesting look at a huge assortment of the most eco-friendly modes of transportation known to man.  Amongst its 220 pages you'll find visually stunning photographs and details of what it takes to... Read the story »

Pickles Pigs & Whiskey Cookbook

Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey

One-of-a-kind man recipes are all that can be found in James Beard winner John Currence's new book, Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey.  Filled with photos, personal stories and backgrounds on the different recipes along with matching songs to listen to while you're cooking and eating, this isn't your grandma's recipe book.... Read the story »

The James Bond Archives Book

The James Bond Archives

If you're looking for one of the ultimate coffee table books this holiday season, you won't find one much better than the James Bond Archives.  Helping celebrate 50 years of the storied franchise, The James Bond Archives is a 600-page retrospective of every Bond film made (from Dr. No in 1962 to Skyfall in... Read the story »

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