DIY:  Make Your Own Firepit for Ten Bucks or Less

DIY: Make Your Own Firepit for Ten Bucks or Less

Spring’s right around the corner, which means it’s time to start prepping your outdoor living spaces.  And one of the key elements of any self respecting outdoor seating area is a firepit.  The problem  is that depending on your space, you may need a self-contained firepit, and they can get expensive.  The solution:  get your hands dirty with a little diy work and make one yourself.  Don’t know how to get started?  Here’s a quick and simple solution utilizing an old washing machine drum, with a total cost of approximately $10 or less and about an hour of your time.  Enough talk… let’s get busy.

DIY Firepit Tools

1.  Get the Right Tools
Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure you have the following tools and supplies to get you on your way.  First, you’ll need a grinder with cup wire brush, a cut-off wheel, and a flap-wheel sanding disc.  Secondly, don’t forget the eye protection.  Thirdly, pick up some high heat paint in your favorite color.  And lastly, some angle-stock and flat-stock steel are optional if you want to add legs to your firepit, which also requires welding equipment.

DIY Firepit Washing Machine Drum

2.  Snag a Washing Machine Drum
Once you’ve got the tools, you need an old washing machine drum to work on.  Put an ad on Craigslist and you may be able to pick one up free, or get in touch with some local appliance stores and you should be able to snag one up like this for about $10.

DIY Firepit Prepping the Washing Machine Drum

3. Prep the Washing Machine Drum
You’ve got your drum, now it’s time to get it ready for the grinder.  Remove all plastic parts including the rim and base, then clean off any big chunks of dirt that may have accumulated.

DIY Firepit Grinding the Washing Machine Drum

4.  Get Grinding
It’s time for the fun part.  Get your grinder with cutting wheel attachment, cut off the inner center spindle, and if you want to, cut off the outer metal lip for a slightly cleaner look.

DIY Firepit Smoothing the Washing Machine Drum

5.  Smooth Things Out
Once you’re done cutting, things are going to be a little sharp and jagged, so use the sanding disk to smooth out any rough edges.  Then use the wire brush with your grinder to clean off any excess dirt and soap residue.

DIY Firepit Metal Feet

6.  Give It Legs
As already noted, this is optional, but if you want to give your diy firepit legs, use your grinder to fabricate a set of legs, then use the appropriate welding equipment to mount them on the drum.

DIY Firepit Final Result

7.  Add Some Paint
To protect your newly built firepit from the elements, the final step is to add a coat or two of high-heat paint.  Rust-Oleum works great, but there are several other options as well.

DIY Firepit Fire Glowing

8.  Grab a Beer
You’re done!  As with all great diy projects, the final reward is grabbing a beer and enjoying the fruits of your labor.  Until next time…

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