CiFer Multi-Tool

CiFer Multi-Tool

The CiFer Multi-Tool ($31) is like a Swiss Army knife for the digital age.  While it doesn’t actually have a knife, it does have an assortment of other handy utility features all in a slick single carbon fiber tool.  On its side, CiFer is an iPhone stand, holding your phone in either portrait or landscape modes.  It has cord storage slots to keep your earphones tangle free.  It has a built-in spanner wrench with four sizes.  It has a ruler.  And of course, as all good multi-tools do, it has the always appreciated bottle opener.  Best of all, CiFer is small enough to fit in your wallet, on your keychain or hooked to your gear; and thanks to its carbon fiber construction, it’s virtually indestructible and incredibly lightweight.  If you want one, head over to Kickstarter to get in on the first round.

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