BÖ by Mansouri

BÖ by Mansouri was founded in 2013 by a father and son duo. Mehran and Sam Mansouri created a collection of handcrafted wooden bow ties for the modern man. Crafted out of a genuine passion for innovative design, the duo forged their shared respect for sustainable practices with Mehran’s background in architecture to create a fresh spin on the classic fabric bow tie. Each BÖ is made of reclaimed and freed raw material and is handcrafted in Vancouver, BC.

By using the unconventional material of wood the BÖ ties are a refreshing twist on the conventional menswear staple. All wood that is used is sourced from end-mills of wood processing facilities in North America. By using end-mills BÖ by Mansouri is able to reclaim the wood into new consumer products resulting in less waste. In addition to reclaimed wood soft leathers offcuts are sourced from Israel which are then cut into uniform strips to create the BÖ tie neck straps. Artisanal paper twine from Austria, naturally dyed to ten different gorgeous shades, adds color to the center tie.These three raw materials, sourced ethically, form the perfect marriage for the collection.

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